Mentors Change Lives

Publish: The Pilot Newspaper
Date: Feb 8, 2009

As National Mentoring Month ends for 2009, let us express appreciation to all the wonderful mentors in Moore County.

January was a wonderful month of small events honoring the mentors’ dedication, but there are never enough ways to acknowledge the work they do in changing the lives of children — of giving them hope where there is little.

Communities In Schools has over 100 individuals meeting each month to mentor a child in need of just a little extra help to succeed in school.

I have been honored to mentor a wonderful young man for the last two years. I see his growth and his trust build each week. He has blessed my life with his stories, pain, laughter and accomplishments.

Each week I see the joy the students feel when their mentor arrives at school to visit, and how proud they are when they have reached a goal set with their mentor. During the course of the year, we ask our mentors to evaluate their experience to help us improve our program. Their responses are many and varied, but all have the same theme of hope for a better tomorrow.

Sincere and special thanks go to those who are volunteering their time to make a difference in the lives of children. Thank you to Dr. Robin Moore and Anna Harris who direct the Communities In Schools COMPASS Mentoring program.

You can make a difference too. Volunteer. Andi Korte, Executive Director, Communities In Schools, in Pinehurst.

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