COMPASS II Program Update b February 2010

The COMPASS Project at Aberdeen Elementary School (or COMPASS II) is currently serving 39 5th graders at Aberdeen Elementary.B The students have covered 4 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and will move on to the 5th Habit during the second half of February.B I am amazed by the amount of information the students have been able to retain and apply in such a short time.B They have also covered 3 chapters of research guide Rain Forests by Will and Mary Pope Osborne.

After completing the Rain Forest research guide the students will begin planning and coordinating for the Apples Service Learning Project.B This project is designed to strengthen and enhance academic and personal learning outcomes while enriching community service experiences with active reflection.B The students themselves will be responsible for planning and implementing the project and will then evaluate themselves after the project has been put into action.

The Town of Aberdeen has agreed to support the project, which will center on environmental responsibility, by launching a Recycling initiative throughout the school.B The students will host a recycling drive and collect recyclable materials at each of the schoolbs 17 classrooms.B Each class will receive a recycling bin that will be theirs to keep.B Specifics of the project will be worked out by the students starting in March.B Since there are 6 COMPASS II groups, each group will have the freedom to personalize their portion of the project.

The entire school welcomed Rose Highland Sharpe as a presenter for Black History Month.B Mrs. Sharpe performed a dialogue titled bAfrica to Americab which chronicled the journey of music and its parallels to the black experience in history. Many students had the opportunity to join Mrs. Sharpe on stage for a chance to really participate in the program.B Although a short month, February has been productive for COMPASS II so far.

For more information about the program, contact Alicia Jones, COMPASS II Site Coordinator.

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