Learn & Serve Opportunities for Teens

Learn and Serve Information:

  • Summer is a time for fun – but it is also the time when many youth lose what they learned during the school year and gain unhealthy eating habits.
  • Our youth are our greatest assets, and ensuring they are on the path to success is our objective
  • We are offering a special Service Learning project where teens can have a leadership role in addressing childhood obesity
  • Allows teens to give back to community and learn new things at the same time
  • Activities include:
  1. Work with elementary and middle school students in our year round elementary schools and summer camps
  2. Provide fun summer activities that promote fitness and healthy eating
  3. Provide families with cooking classes on how to prepare healthy food
  4. Develop resource materials for students and families about making healthy choices
  5. Create YouTube videos, a traveling art exhibit, presentations, photo journal your experiences through an online blog
  6. Learn about the fresh and local food movement by working with growers, distributing food through the Sandhills Farm to Table Coop
  7. Set up a bicycle powered generator to make Fruit Smoothies

How does it work?

  • Each week has a specific theme and service times.
  • Can complete 1 week or all of the summer program to receive credit
  • In a week, student needs to complete 2 Learning + 1 Service Activity for 5 B= hours total and will receive a $15 gas card
  • 5 B= hours in a week is the average time investment
  • Further info about national program http://www.servicelearning.org/
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