Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative

Our Mission: To satisfy our local food needs with locally grown and produced foods.

Guiding Principles:

  • Neighbors feeding neighbors
  • We’re all in this together

Desired Outcomes:

  • Farmers have a long-term, secure market for their crops, at a price that ensures them a comfortable living for themselves and their family.
  • Consumers have convenient access to the highest quality local food that they want, at a price comparable to current quality food price.
  • Every member of the community has secure access to enough healthy food.
  • Farmers and consumers know each other, and have come to appreciate and respect the othersb contributions to, and needs from, the community.
  • Consumers are healthier and engaged, using the food/health teaching resources available: recipes, cook school, nutrition assessment, preserving, growing, etc

And We Are A Community

We are a growing community of 970 neighbors who have come together around fresh local food. Some of just love eating it. Some of us really love growing it. We’re farmers and consumers, and staff that help bring us all together.

We are a commercial enterprise selling fresh local food to local households. It is not another store you need to visit; rather you pre-order the food and pick it up at a convenient Gathering Center. The direct connection allows for the farmers to be paid more while consumers pay the same.

We are a learning community through having fun. The Co-op will provide recipes and information what’s ripe and where to get more of it. Nutrition and dietary information is available. We’ll have taste tests, cooking and preserving classes; potlucks and farm tours. We’ll encourage Members to exchange food delights and experiences.

We are engaged in our community, helping to improve the quality of life for all. We are working to ensure everyone has enough good food to eat. We are trying to engage and encourage the next generation of our farmers.

We Are A Cooperative Corporation. Legally,Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative is qualified as a NC cooperative corporation.

We are owned and controlled by those who produce (farmers), distribute (workers), and consume (customers) fresh local food.

All three owner groups have a voice in what the Co-op does and how it is done. Co-op decisions are made democratically, by all members on a one person, one vote basis.

If there is surplus cash at the of a year, it is shared by all three groups.

Classes of Ownership.

There are three classes of ownership.

  • The Worker class consists of all Worker patrons of the Cooperative as defined herein who have purchased a Worker Share.
  • The Consumer class consists of all Consumer patrons of the Cooperative as defined herein who have purchased a Consumer Share.
  • The Producer class consists of all Producer patrons as defined herein who have purchased a Producer Share

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