Christopher Capel to visit CIS Moore County

Christopher Capel of CIS North Carolina will visit CISMC at Southern Middle School on Thursday, November 29th.

Capel will address the 8th grade at SMS on the topic of Bullying. B Principal Herb Hanson sees the event as an opportunity to develop the upperclassmen into ambassadors for the school, modeling the behavior that is desired as part of the school culture.

Christopher Capel is a native of Fayetteville NC and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.B He received his bachelorbs degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the fields of English Literature, Womenbs Studies and African and African b American studies.

Capel is a motivational speaker and trainer currently serving as a Field Services Specialist / Youth Development Trainer for Communities In Schools of North Carolina.B Christopher Capel travels to cities and towns teaching people keys to reaching their highest levels of success.B B Capel is also a poet, artist, and youth advocate.B He has done work for the Charlotte Bobcats, Fayetteville State University, and Beyonce` Knowles.B His award winning poetry has been published in Essence Magazine, and two anthologies; Garden of Dreams and Petals of Life.

Mr. Capelbs words cultivate and influence individuals and organizations across the board.B He is a professional speaker and peak performance coach who has committed to the development of personal and professional growth through providing resources and training to the masses.B He has spoken to thousands of students and adults across North Carolina and has traveled to 40 states and providences throughout the United States and Canada.

Finally, Capel acknowledges and stands behind the belief that we determine how brightly we shine. There is a light in each of us and the time is now to ignite that light and illuminate the world.B He aims to educate, inspire and help others reach and operate at their highest possible potential. Capel realizes and knows that bAll dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.bB -Walt Disney.

Below is a partial list of the workshops and trainings that Christopher offers:

  • College Access b Financial Aid, Scholarships, etc.
  • Strengthening Families
  • Creating a Healthy Learning Environment at Home
  • Bridging the Gap Between Student and Adult
  • Recharging the Battery:B Fighting Complacency
  • Building an Effective Mentor: The Nuts and Bolts of Mentoring
  • CIS Site/ Services Coordinator Training
  • Making the bRightb Choice

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