Meet our new Community Coordinator

Community Coordinator: Joyce Clevenger





Joyce Clevenger is a self-proclaimed Southern Girl, born in Atlanta, GA, and has lived in the South her entire life. She attended Carson Newman College in East Tennessee where she earned her BA in Communications and met and married a Tennessee boy. They have been married for 35 years and have just become grandparents for the first time. She has worked in Public Relations and marketing but she believes her true calling is to work with yo…ung people.
Joyce has worked with kids of all ages for over 30 years, volunteering as a youth minister in churches or working in the school system. She is passionate about kids and believes that they are often underestimated.
“I believe that kids will rise to the challenge set before them, so if we have low-expectations of them, then that is what they will achieve.” Joyce believes in giving them opportunities that challenge them and help them to grow.
“When a child achieves something that they don’t think they can do, it raises their confidence and their own expectations for themselves, and proves to themselves that they have something to contribute to the world—and they do!.”
She believes that every child deserves an opportunity to learn, grow, and become the best that they can be, and is why she is so excited to be a part of Moore Buddies Mentoring. She believes that a positive influence from a caring adult can make all the difference in a child’s life, and will work hard to make that possible to as many children in Moore County as she can.


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