Gimme 5

Join in on a new program for us at MBM.  Gimme 5 is a way to give monthly to one of your favorite non profits with the ease of PayPal.

Gimme 5! Time is so valuable, and we ask for a lot of it! Our Mentors dedicate hours to the youth in Moore County to help them be successful. We enrich their lives by providing them with opportunities to expand their horizons. We help them make and reach goals to help them reach their dreams.

Read about Najjiya:


 “Gimme 5” so that ALL the youth in our Mentoring programs can have stories like Najjiya!

Donate just $5 a month to ensure that a child can participate in exciting activities such as gymnastics, summer camps, sports camps, museums, arts, and learning diversity through service learning.

Donate today with PayPal!