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It has been shown that for every dollar spent on implementation of SFP 10-14, there is a return of up to $9.60 and a cost benefit of $5,923 per youth.  Iowa State University, Institute for Social & Behavioral Research Spoth, R., Guyll, M., & Day, S. (2002)

In Moore County, participants completing the program from July 2012 thru June 2013:
81.82% parents reported feeling more confident in their role as a parent
88.89% of participants had no new complaints or adjudications during program participation

Those completing the program July 2011 thru June 2012:
94.59% of participants who have successfully completed the program had no new complaints or adjudications in the 12 months following completion.

SFP and the NC Essential Standards under Healthful Living-Health Education, K-12.

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