Moore Family Connections Program

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a family skills program. The goals of SFP are to increase family strengths and address behavioral, emotional, academic, and social problems. SFP builds on protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and the youths social and life skills. SFP is based on cognitive behavioral social learning theory and family systems theory.

SFP consists of 10 to 12 consecutive weekly skill-building sessions. Classes are highly interactive and fun!  Parents and children work separately in training sessions and then participate together in a session practicing the skills they learned earlier. Childrens sessions concentrate on setting goals, dealing with stress and emotions, communication skills, responsible behavior, and how to deal with peer pressure. Parent sessions concentrate on setting rules, nurturing, monitoring compliance, and applying appropriate discipline.

Classes, transportation, dinner, and child care are provided free of charge.

Classes are offered in Spanish and English and are open to anyone wishing to learn effective strategies to strengthen families.

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Below are some quotes we received when our families were asked about our program.

  • “This program has been very helpful as a grandparent.  It has been many years after raising a child.  I have learned a lot that I did not use as a parent when my children were coming up.  When you finish raising a child you don’t expect to be doing it over again as a grandparent.  This program has given me a great deal of insight that has greatly been using in raising a grandchild in their day and time.  I would be suggest this program to [any] friends who are having problems with their children.”  Grandmother


  • “I have learned how to solve a lot of problems in everyday life.”  Child


  •  “I learned a lot about how to raise a child and myself that I thought I already knew.  Such as discipline, rewarding and talking to your child.”   Parent
  •  “I feel this is a wonderful program that can really help a family grow, pull together and become stronger.  I learned things I did not know as well as [was] reminded of things that are just common sense.  I left every group with some piece of knowledge and plenty for me and my daughter to talk about and work on.  I do feel my daughter has made some changes through this course. Thanks!!”  Mother


  • “I believe it’s wonderful, it’s very helpful, makes families come together.  It helps people control their anger and how to treat people.  It helps you make good decisions.  Thank y’all for inviting us!!” Anonymous


  • “I have learned a lot about myself, my son and better ways to help us have a better relationship.” Mother


  • “I feel like this class couldn’t have come into our lives at a better time!!  The staff are caring and compassionate and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience.  In the beginning I came in with a “I don’t need this attitude” now I can honestly say “I don’t know where [we would] be had I not taken it.”  Thank you!”   Mother